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Stacey Nelson has been a Realtor for over 25 years. His strong suit is listening to what his clients need and working with them to accomplish their objectives. He believes the true value in selling real estate is the feeling of accomplishment his clients have when they have met their goals.

He also believes in maintaining that trust and open door policy by providing them with invaluable assistance for improvement projects, or troubleshooting with them on issues and questions that come up through the years of ownership.  Building a long term relationship is his mission.

During the past several years he has been selling in the top 10% of his field. He diligently keeps up with current education and changes in the marketplace. Today's market is one of the most challenging periods in the industry that we all have to face together, and he works to be ready for his clients to navigate those issues to make the experience as smooth and satisfying as possible.


"As first time home buyers, we had all our expectations of what a Realtor could be and was blown away by Stacey. We had a very detailed list of what we wanted in a home within about a 5 square mile radius. Stacey helped us find a home that not only has everything on the "want" list, but has a few things that were only on our 'wildest dream' list!

Then he took nearly all the work and mystery out of the home-buying process. We wanted to be involved in the process, so he patiently broke every step down into understandable terms. We also learned a lot about selling a home. If Stacey had been the listing agent, the house we purchased probably would have sold long before we found it, because he would have hired professional photographers and helped the sellers market the home.

He advocated strongly for us as buyers and helped us get a deal our friends couldn't believe. He was also a tremendous emotional support through the negotiation process.

Now we recommend him to every person we come across who may be buying or selling a home, and I enjoy every opportunity to brag and rub it in when someone complains after making the mistake of using another Realtor.  We are so happy with our home that we would love to live here for the rest of our lives, but if we ever do sell our home or buy another we wouldn't dream of working with anyone other than Stacey. We feel blessed that not only did we get our dream home, and much earlier in life than we expected, but we also found a true friend."

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