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Ivan Rochin is new to the Real Estate game but is learning very quickly with the help of his successful Broker and Real Estate Investor, Scott Timberlake. Ivan was first introduced to Real Estate in 2020 as a Property Manager for numerous commercial buildings, he gained a lot of experience dealing with Tenants. Ivan has since also taken the role of Project Management, and is involved with construction projects from start to finish. One of his many passions is seeing a project come to completion in a timely manner. With all the contacts Ivan has in the construction business it is very easy for him to help you with your next remodel or project. Ivan is very motivated and organized, when it comes to dealing with his own personal clients and always loves to keep them updated.

Ivan is very familiar with his ethical duties that come with being a Real Estate Agent and with his honesty and integrity he will always find what is “RIGHT” for you. Ivan is very dedicated and determined to always assist the Client with all needs. Ivan believes being communicative and responsive plays a big role in making sure the client feels secure and content with his Agent. Ivan will always put the clients best interest first and with his team's support will achieve your goal whether it is buying or selling. 

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